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DOG KILLER DOBY VAN AALTEN – nijmegen the netherlands










This came to my attention today. Last week i believe .. or week before. not sure anymore.. i noticed a post on facebook about a dog that was found in the canal in Nijmegen .. turns out this is the same case.


This man pictured above.. DOBY VAN AALTEN .. is a 51 year old resident of Nijmegen.
the article is in dutch, it pretty much states that he was suspected of killing his dog Snoopy (RIP) and the police had lots of trouble to get him out the house because of all the very upset neighbours who were circled around his house waiting on him. my honest opinion…

if i were the police.. i’d prob let them beat his ass in sick.. and then pretend nothing happend. Well Doby… know this…. your family..your children… those you ‘love” will suffer tremendously for this act of cruelty and cowardice. THAT is how Karma works. u pathetic sack of shit.


I can promise you if i ever see you in public..  it will not go ignored. Do us and all animals a favour… kill yourself.


Newspaper Article: (in dutch)




PLEASE SIGN: Those of you out there against animal abusers having the right to own animals again… please sign this petition.




PLease ask your friends to sign. we need 100.000 signatures !!!!